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My Favourite Humans

I am extremely lucky to be friends with some very fabulous people! This section is just a little collection of my favourite humans. This beautiful bunch make me smile, laugh-out-loud, inspire, and amaze me with their tremendous talents.

Don’t believe me? Click on the links and have a look for yourself.

Love and Kindness

Aunty Nelly
Uncensored reviewer, agony aunt, and comedian. Nelly has supported me so much on my journey. I have genuine love for this lady x

One of the friendliest, kindest gents on this green earth. Champion for keeping fit, and advocate for mental health.

Kham’s Cakes
Another fellow kindness advocate. This talented baker creates bespoke cakes, specializing in yummy allergy-friendly and Vegan cakes.

Andy Lakey
Superstar DJ with a talent of making me constantly giggle! He will make you dance your wee cotton socks off to some awesome beats.


She may be the Tin mum, but she has the brains of a brainy person from brainland, the courage of a lioness, a heart of gold, and she knows her way home!

Molly Robbins
Cake genius, animal lover, and fellow kindness advocate… with a pinch of sass x

In The Knowe
The only home-from-home you need if you are looking to stay in Milngavie. Clean, cosy and welcoming, close to the village, and the start of the West Highland Way.

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