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Marian Greenall: An interesting and witty book
•19th March, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
I particularly enjoyed the characterisation, especially the throwbacks to her Glasgow childhood. It was very readable and I thought she had a good command of the English language. Although it was rather dark in some places, that was balanced by the heart-warming reminiscences.

Amazon Customer: Not normally a reviewer but…
•14th March, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
I’m not one for reviewing but felt I just had to recommend this book. What a great read, once I started and couldn’t put it down. Two very late nights to finish it. Cannot wait for another from the author.

Clair Lee: Wonderful!
•19th March, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
What a great read! This book will hook you in and won’t let go. Loved the characters, the concept and Jan’s wicked sense of humour. Really looking forward to reading whatever’s coming next…..I hope there’s something in the pipeline 🙂

Avril Adamson: Transference
•14th March, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
What an amazing book, had me gripped from beginning to end, would highly recommend this book, good to see a Glaswegian author, can’t wait to read her next novel.xx

Tinmum: Twists and turns that keep you hooked!
•10th April, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
A great story highlighting how dark the days can get, full of conspiracy, suspense and despair. Won’t do any spoilers but I hadn’t a clue who the mastermind behind it all was – great twists along the way. Lots of brilliant humour too and Scottish mentions which I loved.

Amazon Customer: Well worth a read
•30th April, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
A well written and clever thriller from a up and coming Scottish author. Lots of twists and turns I never seen coming. I hope a sequel is forthcoming.

Nicola D: Gripping story, wait till the end, brilliant twist
•4th April, 2019
• Format: Kindle
Great read,witty one liners. Great twist at the end. Can’t wait for the second one as so many unanswered questions about the twist. A few late nights to finish this off which I don’t normally do.

A Jamieson: A great read
•25th March, 2019   
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
What a great read, had to keep going to see how it turned out. Great humour in here which balanced such a dark tale. You feel like you know the characters personally and feel an affinity towards them. Hopefully another book to follow!

Kate Cameron: Read this book!
•31st March, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
Gripping- sinister plot- funny too – a very different book!

Nick Duffy: Loved it
• 21st February, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
Fantastic book by an amazing local author. Gripping story which has you hooked from the first page. Looking forward to the next one

Nicola Bradshaw: Awesomeness in book form
• 21st February, 2019
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
I can’t Express enough what a flipping brilliant book this is. Its far paced and exciting. Great twists and turns and generally un-put-a-down-able! I read it in my head with a Scottish accent ha ha ( required). Cant wait for the next one!!

Barbara LaFontaine: You won’t be able to put it down!
• 5th November, 2018
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
Loved this book! Kept me wondering every step of the read! Great job Jan McPeake!

Henry John McNeil: Loved it!
•5th November, 2018
• Verified Purchase Format: Paperback
Transference by Jan McPeake, was a gripping book from start to finish. A unique story of conspiracy that kept it a page turner. A must read.

Claire Connelly: Easy 5 to give
• 27th December, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
Great read! Genuinely liked the characters and enjoyed the concept

Sue McDonough
• 4th December, 2018
• Format: Paperback
Hi Jan, having read and thoroughly enjoyed your book I wanted to make an observation if I may. Nine years ago I lost my eldest son to suicide. It was and still is devastating, it always will be. I have always struggled, when asked, to explain how I have felt since, that is until now. Page 32, 2nd chapter of Transference is amazingly poignant for me. I think you have been inside my head and my heart and taken the words I haven’t been able to string together, no matter how hard I have tried. In doing so you have brought a little piece of comfort to broken heart, thank you for writing this.

Bookworm80: Fantastic
• 25th October, 2018
• Format: Paperback
Bought and read in one day. Couldn’t put the book down. Very clever and gripping storyline full of twists and turns that you do not see coming. Don’t understand the previous review at all. This is one amazing book. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed.

Amazon Customer: MUST READ!!!!!!
• 3rd January, 2019
• Format: Paperback Wow – this book is a must read!!! Gripping story and hoping more releases from Jan McPeake

Amazon Customer: Fab story
• 3rd January, 2019
• Format: Kindle Edition
Fantastic read from start to finish! I struggled to put it down! Definitely a real page turner

Jacqueline F: Gripping !!
• 12th January, 2019
• Format: Paperback
What a gripping storyline from the start. Loved the characters especially Lauren laughed at her thoughts and feelings When is the next one Jan?

Les Brown: Fantastic read
• 17th November, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
What a fantastic 1st book from this author. Both funny and deeply disturbing at the same time if your a fan of dystopian thrillers it’s a must read. I couldn’t put it down.

Kindle Customer: Couldn’t put it down
• 16th November, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
Great read from start to finish!! Twists and turns throughout… Mixed emotions from sad to some giggles with things I could relate to. Thumbs up from me and there’s got to be a sequel!!!! Got to be!!!

Amazon Customer: Thrilling from start to finish!
• 29th November, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
Absolutely fantastic story filled with twists and turns. A unique story that is both heartwarming and heart wrenching at times all with true Glaswegian humour to lift your spirits. Careful though once you start reading it’s impossible to put down!

Catherin McGhee-Longbottom: Can’t wait for the next one
• 27th October, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
Loved this book. it’s a right page turner. Just a warning, one scene in the book is particularly harrowing. And delighted that the killer clowns showed up

Tamara H: Freaking awesome!
• 4th January, 2019
• Format: Paperback
Just finished this and wow what an awesome read. Massively disappointed that it just ended though… I need more! I need to know what happened to everyone! Fantastic story…very clever!

Terrs5son: Great read highly recommend
• 19th December, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
Good humour absorbed into this dystopian novel with poignant tales involving children, money, betrayals. Characters are relatable. Loved it. Can’t wait for a follow up book.

LJ Pheonix: A real page turner that keeps you hooked!
• 23rd November, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
What an amazing book, Lauren felt real like me rather than a typical heroine in a book. There were times I sat giggling at her perspective on life, and then there were the moments where I just could not figure out what would happen next. The story kept you hooked until the last line (to the point I was shouted at for having the bedroom light on at 2.30am because I could not put it down), and I am still hooked now because of the jaw dropping ending! I cannot wait to see what happens next in this dystopian world!

Hazel Butterfield: Hurry up with the next one…
• 28th November, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition
This is a dystopian novel like no other, an unputdownable thriller with a Scottish (Glaswegian) personable edge. A bit like if Kevin Bridges kept on popping up in the Handmaids Tale. I give to you Jan McPeake’s Transference. If you’re rich and in the inner circle, you’re safe so long as you can get the poor to give up their young to maintain your existence, due the public accepting your supremacy. Which is simpler than you think with the right spin doctors. Scarily so. Hello future. Where paranoia, espionage, sibling rivalry and elitism meet love, dystopia and self realisation. Don’t worry, when you read it and love it, I assure you, there’s more to come…

Coffee Queen: Page turner
• 26th November, 2018
• Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Really enjoyed this book. Mix of emotions, would recommend.

Solo15: Brilliant story
• 26th November, 2018
• Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Gripping story, I couldn’t put it down. I really hope there will be a sequel. So happy to see a new Glasgow, female author with a publishing contract!

Emmah: Amazing
• 29th December, 2018
• Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Absolutely loved this book. Great story and great characters. I laughed , I cried and everything in between. Highly recommended

Miss Natalie Lynch: A great read
• 11th December, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This was great from start to finish. I could hardly put it down! Different from the usual books I normally read. I tend to stick my crime thrillers. But i am definitely looking forward to the next book from Jan!

Maggie Lindsay: A great read – deep and dark interspersed with on-point Glasgow humour!
• 12th November, 2018
• Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Jan McPeake is an excellent story teller! A dark and gripping concept but with an easily read-able style. Be prepared to lose a day or two to this book, it’s very hard to put down. I live in hope of a TV drama remake, or at least a second installment!

Antonia: Burnt my dinner …. AGAIN !!!!!
• 16th December, 2018
• Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
What an amazing book !! From the minute I read the first chapter I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put it down ….. I haven’t been able to put it down …. I’ve burnt my dinner …. I’ve lost count how many dinners I’ve burnt because of this book ….. even my husband knows when I’ve been reading the book and for how long too…. he estimates how long I’ve been reading the book by how cremated the dinner is !! I have bought everyone a book for Christmas and I’m sure there will be a few more burnt dinners as a result ! Jan McPeake…. you star you !! What a fabulous Author you are. I really can’t wait for the second book ! Love, happiness and big dreams Your number 1 Fan !! Xxx xx

Andrew Nicolson: Fantastic book!
• 24th January, 2019
• Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Excellent story, full of twists and turns. Brilliant wit and some cracking one liners. And easy read that is hard to put down.